[Twitch][IRC] IRCBalloon Release 0.8.1 -- Twitch OAuth Login

About IRCBalloon

I finally have sometime to investigate Twitch login problem, and implement Twitch login using OAuth directly inside IRCBalloon, so here is the lastest version of IRCBalloon.

IRCBalloon is a IRC / Twtich chat room notification application, it could fetch the dialog in chatroom and display it using either a pinned chat window or a bubble pop up notification.

You could use IRCBalloon to fetch your chatroom and put it into your bradcast screen when you are broadcasting using Twitch.

Since Twitch are using IRC protocol, this could be also used on any IRC chatroom.

IRCBallon is hosted on GitHub.

Screen shot

Twitch OAuth login inside IRCBalloon

Twitch OAuth login inside IRCBalloon


IRCBalloon Screenshot (Pinned chatroom window)

New feature of Release 0.8

  • Support Twitch OAuth login